Eye bag Removal

Eye bag refers to the fat around the eyes is excessively accumulated or sunken, the eyes underneath appear dull and gives tired impression.  In this case, we perform procedures such as Under Eye Fat Grafting to fill up more fat under the eyes, Under Eye Fat Removal to remove excess fat, and Under Eye Fat Repositioning procedure to even out the fat under the eye.

Surgery Types

Korean Scarless EyeBag Removal

Fat placement correction

Correct fat position

Fine stitching

7 days recovery

Prolapse eyebag

0.1mm incision to remove the fat

Fine stitching

 Immediate effect


The FOUR ensure guarantee if you choose Dong Han Eye Bag removal

Operate by international specialist

All doctors from Dong Han are verified and qualified by strict standard, with professional ophthalmology qualification, exquisite skill and extensive experience, to guarantee you to feel reassure and comfortable.

Sterile Surgery Room, to avoid infection

Dong Han ShangHai equipped with the Class 100 laminar flow surgery room which is rare in this industry, the dust particle ≥5μm is 0, to avoid postoperative infection effectively.

Comprehensive Post-Operative Care, to help recover rapidly

Dong Han ShangHai will help our clients to carry out a series of comprehensive post-operative care, minimize the uncomfortable feeling, speed up the recovery period and improve the surgical outcome.

Entire Companion to Clients, Exclusive VIP Treatment

Dong Han ShangHai will send our professional consultant to accompany our clients for the entire surgical procedure, “Green Channel” to avoid queuing in line, to make you feel comfortable to enjoy your journey to beautiful.

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