Lift the skin “up” to make every inch of the skin firm

Face Thread Lift is to interlace the PPDO Thread between dermis and subcutaneous tissue, lift up the sagging skin tissues, tighten the skin and remove the wrinkles. Speeding up the production process of the collagen and bring you the anti-aging effect.

The skill requirement for the doctor to undergo Face Thread Lift surgery is very strict, the doctor in charge needs to positioning the point precisely, control the injection fluid direction strictly, lift up the tissue layer by layer and once-through shaping.

Well-known chain brand, Professional in aesthetic medicine

After decades of development, Dong Han Aesthetic Clinic becomes one of the most solid, substantial and sizeable professional aesthetic medicine chain clinics in China, which set-up few medical chain institutions in several big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and etc..

Most influential brand, Safe and secure

The protein-made thread used by Dong Han Clinic is a degradable biological material, it is hydrolysable, biodegradable, biocompatible and bioabsorbable, it has the excellent ductility and tensile strength, certified by FDA from United States and CFDA from China as absorbable surgical suture material.

Professional specialists are here to help to transform

Dong Han Clinic gathers all the elite doctors who participate in numbers of R&D in aesthetic medicine and edited several academic monographs. The most professional specialists provide the most professional services to you.

Injection Process

Consultation & Diagnosis

Marking and Identify the volume, antiseptic and anesthetic

 Polydioxanone implant

Wound cleaning and post-surgery process


Dong Han Face Thread Lift, combination of safety and greater effect:

Certified by CFDA, biological material

As thin as silk thread, pliable, minimal invasive, zero bleeding

Decompose after 180 days, no residue and non-irritant

Invisible incisions, non-swelling and no foreign body sensation

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