Dong Han SMART Nose Thread Lift is a whole new technology of rhinoplasty

we use CFDA certified PPDO Protein-made thread, implant the PPDO protein-made thread according to the client’s nose personalize re-shape plan. Lift up the nose shape through the extremely strong anchorage force by the protein-made thread and lasting for longer time compare with other similar treatments and technologies, to achieve the perfect effect of the rhinoplasty.

Dong Han’s Rhinoplasty
Five Technical Vantages:

Short Surgery Time

We shorten the surgery time to 5-7 minutes by our patented surgery technology. Short surgery time, alleviates the pain, simple operation, high satisfaction, reduces the rashes and you may have your life back as soon as possible.

Invisible Incisions

Minimally Invasive Surgery, you can pinch your nose after few days of the surgery, it’s more secure and lesser side effects compare with other rhinoplasty surgery.

Combine with other surgeries to achieve perfect effect

Combine with other surgeries to achieve perfect effect

Unrestricted Positioning Techniques

Make use of the structural engineering and mechanics techniques from the architecture discipline, single out the nose tip, Nose Bridge, length of the nose, nose wings and etc. to carry on the delicate surgery. It highlights the surgical effect that the traditional rhinoplasty surgery can’t achieve.

Patented Equipment, strong supportive capacity

We use the PPDO Protein-made Thread certified by the CFDA to adjust the nose shape, raise the bridge of the nose and nose tip, modify the nose wings, make your nose looks longer, and stronger anchorage force.

Polydioxanone implant

Nose tip adjustment

Nose bridge and shape enhancement

Perfect nose