No implant Rhinoplasty

No-Implant Rhinoplasty is a method of heightening the nasal bridge by using self or donated cartilage and dermis without any artificial implants such as silicone or gore-tex.


Strengthen your deviated septum to create stronger and more beautiful nose shape

Hump Nose Rhinoplasty

he definition of a hooked nose is when the nasal bone and nasal septum cartilage have grown extensively and looks like a falcon’s beak due to the extensive roundish growth. Since the conduction of operation differs depending on the extent of the growth and it requires that the cartilage and bone are both shaved, one needs to receive a surgery

Short Nose Rhinoplasty

Short nose refers to the shape of nose where the nasal tip is turned upwards or the length of nose is short.

Bulbous Nose

Usually refers to stumpy and flat nose appearance

Arrow Nose

refers to droopy nose tip that covers philtrum.

Broad Nose

Broad nose refers to nose with broad width that gives impression of flat and stubby nose

Alar Reduction

A nose broad big alar has big nostrils which consequence to make your nasal bridge flat

Worry it is too fake before the surgery
The nose shape looks fake and obviously you did a nose job befor

Worry the safety of implant and prosthesis
If the prosthesis is not certified and origin, could cause reparative easily

Don’t know which prosthesis to choose
There are plenty choices of prosthesis or implant out there, couldn’t know which one is better and more suitable.

Worry the effect of post-surgery is not natural enough
The position of the nose could displace and feel stiff.


Why choose DongHan for your Rhinoplasty surgery?

3D Contour Design

In accordance with the “perfect ratio”, Dong Han uses the 3D contour design before your rhinoplasty surgery, let you know the effect of post-surgery immediately, and say no to be in the rut!

Detailed Operation

The incisions will be at the hidden place in front of the nose. Meticulously stitch with a mini-invasive surgery, shortens the recovery period to 5-7 days!

Non-translucent, Non-stiff & Non-displacement

DongHan uses the proper prosthesis, with the special customised by the specialists, the effect looks natural, Non-translucent, Non-stiff and Non-displacement!


With 20 years of experience in rhinoplasty, Dong Han rhinoplasty specialist team encompasses 2 Clinic Directors, 2 Academic Advisors and 1 Professor.


According to the 3D contour design, to make the shape that is best suited for Asian.


ONLY use the prosthesis that has been certified by USA FDA/ CHINA CFDA.


Laminar flow Operating room, complete sterilization to avoid infection.

Postoperative Care

Nursing and swell relief service after surgery uninterrupted, protection guaranteed.

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